World Day against Child Labour

#PROJECT educate Thousands of unfortunate children around the world are engaged in some or the other form of paid or unpaid work and have had to compromise on their physical, mental, social and educational development.   As per statistics there are an estimated 152 million child labourers across the world and 72 million of them work in extremely hazardous work environment. Almost one in ten of all children worldwide are in child labour. According to a survey conducted earlier, around 48% are in the age group o f 5-11, 28% are 12-14 years old and 24% are 15-17 years old. Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, the world economy has come crashing down and it has hugely impacted the livelihood of millions of people globally. The effects of this are being felt more in the poorer countries as they are already in a disadvantaged situation. This has pushed thousands of vulnerable children into child labour. They are at a great risk as they are working in even tougher situations and for longer hours.